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26th June 2017 (Monday ) at 5.00 pm
“Arduino Revolution”
ASOKUMAR Amurthamourthy Valentin

While we move on near the futuristic world, factories and robots are being held on to our daily
Nowadays Arduino is getting used by everyone, so what is Arduino and what do we use for ?
Well Arduino is basically a board which is programmed for different purposes.
It`s an open source hardware well known for Robotics. Arduino can do certain commands which
will have an effect on the surrounding.
There are different boards, each board is different by its size and by its purpose. Developpers such as
scientists frequently use arduino boards to build robots, to perform automatic gestures at your house…
First of all we`re going to discover the theory related to the subject then will move on to the practical
The theory part will be mostly based on programming such as the logic behind it and the software used
to program then we will certainly show a live programming which will set an an example of how easy it
is and how useful it could be.
This Conference will surely inspire many young pupils to know more about Arduino and its purposes.

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